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21st Nov 2017

How well do you remember these matches from the WWF Attitude Era?

15 iconic matches from the golden age

Darragh Murphy

The Attitude Era seems like a distant memory at this point.

Professional wrestling has never been more PG and we can only hark back to the days when you were able to light a 2×4 on fire for a good ol’ time.

If you’re too young to have lived through the Attitude Era, we feel for you because it was bloody brilliant in that it was both bloody and brilliant.

And if you remember it well, why not indulge yourself in a bit of nostalgia by taking this quiz.

We’ve picked out 15 of our favourite matches from that period and all we want to know is who came out on top.

We give you the match, the event and even the date. You just have to name the winner.

Best of luck and let us know how you do.

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