How to find the nearest football match to you on Non-League Day 3 years ago

How to find the nearest football match to you on Non-League Day

Non-League Day is on Saturday October 13

Created in 2010 as a way to encourage people to visit and support their local amateur and semi-pro clubs, Non-League Day has grown into a major force in football in just eight short years.


Always held during the international break so as to avoid competing with the Premier League or Championship for fans' affections, the day sees fans given special offers by non-league teams up and down the country.

"Non-League Day was set up by James Doe in 2010 as a social media experiment, after being inspired by a pre-season trip to Devon to watch Queens Park Rangers play at Tavistock," says the official website.

"It has now grown to become an annual part of the football calendar, backed by Premier League and Football League clubs, MPs, celebrities, media organisations, charities and most importantly the non league clubs themselves and the fans who turn up on the day."

So if you are ambling around this weekend wondering what to do between checking your Twitter and looking at funny videos of dogs on Instagram, perhaps get yourself onto Non-League Day's website and use their ground finder to discover the non-league club playing nearest to you this weekend.