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19th Jun 2015

High maintenance Hernandez starting to take the Little Pea


Nooruddean Choudry

Javier Hernandez has hit out at Real Madrid because he didn’t ‘feel important’ during his loan deal at the club.

Chicharito states of his time in Spain: “It was a difficult year with very few opportunities. I had to warm the bench a lot. My time in Madrid was massively frustrating because I did not feel important.”

Aw – poor Little Pea.

If his comments sound somewhat familiar, it’s because they echo what he said about Manchester United a year ago, when departing for the Santiago Bernabeu:

“There was no confidence in me,” Hernandez complained. “The patience and perseverance I showed brought me here. It was a tough year because they didn’t believe in me.”

Elche FC v Real Madrid CF - La Liga : News Photo

Hernandez now wants to be assured a first-team berth at United (who didn’t believe in him), despite saying a few weeks ago that he wanted to stay at Real Madrid (who didn’t make him feel important).

A stated desire to remain in La Liga came a month after lamenting that his confidence was at “rock bottom”, but then later he stressed he had “no regrets” about joining Real.

Now it transpires that he “did not feel important” all the while. Which is strange because he also explained that “the season at Real Madrid was one full of learning. It helped me find myself again as a player.”

Make your f**king mind up, son.

Manchester United v Sunderland : News Photo

The 27-year-old is acting like someone half his age, whinging and whining about not being loved. His mood and allegiances swing like a One Directioner who can’t decide whether to side with Zayn or the others.

Rather than blaming everyone else for his lack of opportunities, perhaps he should focus on his own inadequacies. Maybe he’ll receive the love and attention he so desperately craves once he learns the offside rule.

If he constantly finds himself benched by the biggest clubs in the world, it may just be that he’s not quite good enough to break into the respective first-teams on a regular basis. Dare we say it, the problem could be him?

Chicharito was once the darling of Old Trafford; now he’s behaving like the high-maintenance ex who just won’t move on. He should find his level this summer for the good of everyone.