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14th Sep 2017

Hero Eddie Alvarez calms potential crisis perfectly

This guy

Ben Kiely

When his struggling fighter needed him, Eddie Alvarez was there for her… twice.

The world is finally starting to appreciate Eddie Alvarez the human, not just the legendary fighter we know and love from all those classic wars.

While hardcore MMA fans were always cognizant of Alvarez’s character, this was missed by the mainstream audience he was introduced to at UFC 205. For that period, we were only exposed to the trash talk, the mind games and the showmanship that goes with promoting a fight with Conor McGregor.

What was forgotten about ‘The Underground King’ during that press tour was the other side of the savage – the gentleman outside of the cage. He’s the type of guy who feels compelled to go a few steps further when asked for a simple retweet to support a fellow fighter.

The former UFC, Bellator, BodogFIGHT, MFC and Reality Fighting champion is back on our screens as a coach on the latest season of the Ultimate Fighter to crown the inaugural UFC women’s flyweight champion.

This week didn’t get off to the best of starts for Team Alvarez as his fighter Ariel Beck had to leave a training session ahead of her first fight in the competition as she was having a panic attack. Once Alvarez noticed she was missing. he immediately sought the fighter out and remained composed to calm the situation down.

He sat down beside Beck and imparted some wisdom about the mental aspect of the fight game, referencing how he dealt with his nightmare to McGregor in Madison Square Garden.

Beck ended up losing her fight with Montana Stewart via first round D’Arce choke and she did not take the loss very well.

As she sobbed in defeat, Alvarez reassured her that she represented herself and her team brilliantly in the fight.

“No worries. We continue to work… Girls get hurt. You stay training. You stay ready. No worries. Just keep getting better.”

Through tear-filled eyes, Beck let out a muted “Sorry,” which Alvarez refused to accept.

“Don’t friggin’ ever apologise to me. Don’t you ever apologise. You fought. You stayed in the damn side choke forever. You fought! That’s all we care about. The fight.”

THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER: A NEW WORLD CHAMPION episode 3 premieres on BT Sport 2 at 3 a.m. Irish time on the morning of Thursday, September 14. Watch the repeat on BT Sport 3 on Thursday, September 14 from 10 p.m. Irish time.