Here's why Barnsley put a stack of al fresco biscuits in that Adam Davies photo 4 years ago

Here's why Barnsley put a stack of al fresco biscuits in that Adam Davies photo

At the start of the week, you probably didn't expect to be reading about Adam Davies, or about biscuits.

But we live in uncertain times, and you should probably be grateful that we're not at war, so just eat your rich teas and stop complaining.


For those of you who have no idea what we're talking about, and we'll assume that's most of you, Davies was flanked by a pile of biscuits while signing his new contract. Not a plate, a pile. An almost carefully-arranged, one, but still a pile.

So, what was the reason for it? Carelessness? Poor hygiene? Hunger? Actually, it was none of the above.

As brought to our attention by @Barking_Madness on Twitter, it's part of a running joke involving Barry Taylor, the director stood to Davies' side, possibly but possibly not eyeing up the snacks beyond the young goalkeeper.

Last week, on a Barnsley fan forum, one supporter wondered aloud whether Taylor was still at Oakwell. The life president has been associated with the club for more than half a century, beginning as a youth player, and is very much still on board, as it happens.


But it was the last reply in the thread that really caught the eye:

We don't doubt that Bazza read these comments, or at the very least had them brought to his attention, prompting the easter egg in that photo above.

Considering the very beige selection of biscuits on show, however, it seems the bourbons really don't sort themselves out.

No tea, either. Come on, Barry, pull your finger out.


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