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02nd Jul 2016

Here’s a reminder that Leonardo Bonucci once punched an armed robber in the face

He was protecting his wife and kid.

Richard Beech

Leonardo Bonucci has cemented his place in football folklore during EURO 2016.

The Italy and Juventus defender has been solid at the back, somehow playing faultlessly for the entire tournament.

Not only that, but when Italy won a penalty against Germany, it was Bonucci who stepped forward to take it, despite never having taken a penalty in his professional career.

Sadly he missed his penalty in Italy’s shootout against Germany, but he remains a hero on the pitch.

He’s also a hero off it.

In 2012, Bonucci punched an armed robber in the face, despite having a gun held to his head at the time.

The defender was with his wife and son at a car dealership when the armed robber demanded he give him his watch.

Bonucci punched the robber, and then ran after him, while the robber shouted: “What are you doing? Are you mad? I’ll shoot you.”

Don’t mess with Leonardo Bonucci.