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18th Dec 2017

Heavyweight’s uncomfortably ‘sexy’ walkout really divided people

It was a bold move, but it didn't pay off

Ben Kiely

Justin Overton stole the show at KOP59, but not because of how he fought.

“Thrustin” appears to be the correct moniker for Justin Overton.

The heavyweight fighter’s performance a the recent KOP event evoked a strong reaction from everyone who witnessed it. Of course, we are not referring to his performance in the fight itself, but rather the show he put on as he made the walk to fight Ruben Esparza.

Instead of attempting to intimidate his opponent with an aggressive metal song accompanied by a thousand-yard stare, he genuinely looked like he was trying to seduce his adversary.

He walked out and proceed to perform an uncomfortably suggestive dance en route to the cage which has gained him a lot of attention.

The move certainly got people talking anyway.

Some folks enjoyed it. They were entertained by the unusual move and praised him for trying something a bit different.

Others did not approve of his antics.


In the end, his routine didn’t matter much. He fell to 0-4 after coming up on the wrong end of a unanimous decision. The judges scored the fight 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 in favour of Esparza.

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