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18th Mar 2019

‘Hearts are s***e’, say Hibs fans in first words since suffering stroke

Wayne Farry

hibs fan

“It just came to me”

A Hibernian supporter who had been unable to speak for four months after suffering from a stroke shocked his nurses by uttering his first words, mocking Hearts of Midlothian.

Darren Thomson, 22, lost all feeling in the left hand side of his body shortly after experiencing a painful headache. He was then rushed to hospital, where doctors discovered that he had suffered a seizure following a bleed on the brain from a blood clot the size of a 10p coin on his brain.

Thomson had two operations to relieve pressure on his brain, but remained unable to speak for months.

The came the faithful day, when hearing his nurses discuss Hearts, that Thomson spoke the immortal and poetic words: “Hearts are shite.”

Months later, Thomson has discussed the incident: “It was so scary not being able to speak.

“It’s so hard to put into words what it’s like not being able to speak.

“I was so confused, I didn’t even know what was happening or anything.

“But when I had a Hearts doctor looking after me, someone had said ‘what’s Hearts’ and I just said ‘Hearts are shite’.

“It just came to me, I was so happy that I spoke out, everyone laughed. “It felt so good to just hear my own voice again.”