Hamilton and Verstappen involved in early collision at Silverstone 4 months ago

Hamilton and Verstappen involved in early collision at Silverstone

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have made contact in the first lap of Silverstone

Championship leader Max Verstappen and reigning champion Lewis Hamilton have made contact on lap one of the British Grand Prix.


The contact was seemingly the fault of Hamilton, and saw Verstappen in a particularly nasty bump with the barrier, though he has luckily exited the car with no obvious injuries.

The incident has caused a red flag, which means the race has stopped while debris from Verstappen's car is cleared and the barrier is rebuilt.


The incident has left Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc at the front of the grid.

The incident is being investigated for penalties for Hamilton, though who is to blame will likely be hotly debated for some time.

"I was ahead going in there, man," says Hamilton. "Fully alongside. It's my line. He turned in on me. I'd given the guy space."


The Red Bull camp are understandably aggrieved about the incident, and are said to be lobbying the stewards for serious penalties for Hamilton, while Mercedes are pleading the case that Hamilton was more alongside Verstappen and so less of the blame falls to him.

Here is the top ten as it stands:

  1. Leclerc
  2. Hamilton
  3. Bottas
  4. Norris
  5. Ricciardo
  6. Vettel
  7. Alonso
  8. Sainz
  9. Raikkonen
  10. Ocon

Christian Horner, head of Red Bull Racing, had some stern words for Hamilton, telling Channel 4 that Hamilton was "completely out of order to stick a wheel up the inside".

"Everyone who's driven that corner knows you don't stick a wheel up the inside at Copse. He's put him in the fence. Thank god he's not been hurt. It was a desperate move," he adds.

"You do not stick a wheel up at Copse, one of the fastest corners in the world. That's just dirty driving. It's now with stewards and we hope they deal with it appropriately."

Hamilton has been handed a ten second penalty for the incident.