Hafthor Bjornsson would like to fight Tyson Fury after clash with Eddie Hall 1 year ago

Hafthor Bjornsson would like to fight Tyson Fury after clash with Eddie Hall

The Mountain has his sights set on The Gypsy King

Game of Thrones star Hafthor Bjornsson is set to clash with Eddie Hall in the boxing ring this September, but he already has his sights set on the biggest names in the heavyweight game.


In an interview with Metro, Bjornsson said he fancies going up against none other than Tyson Fury.

After his triumph over Deontay Wilder, Fury is likely to go up against fellow heavyweight icon Anthony Joshua later this year. Such a match-up will be one of the most hotly-anticipated heavyweight fights for decades.

Bjornsson doesn't seem overawed by Fury's prowess, though - if his comments to Metro are anything to go by.


He said: "When I do anything I always look at the top and the top right now is Tyson Fury obviously, but we’ll see in two years' time who is on top then."

Bjornsson's rivalry with Eddie Hall goes back to 2017, when the Icelander accused Hall of 'cheating' as he became the first Brit to lift the World's Strongest Man title for more than 20 years.


Hall retired after the feat, with Bjornsson winning World's Strongest Man the following year.

Their bad blood intensified last year when Bjornsson set a new world record deadlift of 501 kilograms - one kilo heavier than Hall's previous best.

Hall claimed the Icelander's lift wasn't legitimate, with Bjornsson responding in the aftermath by challenging the Stoke-on-Trent man to a boxing match.

Seeing that Bjornsson had set his sights on Fury, Hall called him "delusional" on Instagram.


Bjornsson recently made his in-ring debut in an exhibition bout against Northern Irish boxer Stephen Ward. The Icelander walked away with a draw, despite his significant height, size and reach advantage.

The Icelander says he is feeling fit ahead of September's match-up with Eddie Hall.

"I feel much healthier. I've lost a bit more than 50kg, so I feel much healthier, much better.


"Being over 200kg is not… I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It's challenging for someone to stay that big for a long time."