Graeme Souness aims subtle dig at Paul Pogba after four assists 2 months ago

Graeme Souness aims subtle dig at Paul Pogba after four assists

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Not taken long, has it? The first weekend of a new Premier League season is here, and *already* we have Graeme Souness making thinly veiled digs at Paul Pogba.


Pogba was outstanding on Saturday, assisting four of Manchester United's five goals as they hammered Leeds at Old Trafford.

While the midfielder's display was widely praised, Souness - not for the first time - didn't seem too impressed by what he saw.

Not even two minutes of the first Super Sunday of the season had elapsed when Souness was asked how many genuine contenders there were for the Premier League crown this season.

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Having said he expected United to be in the mix, he added that he had been impressed by Mason Greenwood, scorer of the second goal against Leeds, adding that he had been the "star of the show" on Saturday afternoon.


Micah Richards quickly interrupted, pointing out that Pogba had provided four of the goals.

"We expect that from a £100m man," Souness replied, before the conversation moved on.

So, there you have it, Pogba setting up four goals in a single game is no big deal.


It doesn't matter that only seven players have managed the same feat since the start of the Premier League. That, for a player who cost £100m (he was rounding up by a few million but who cares?), should be expected.

The current record for assists from one player in a single Premier League season is 20. By Souness' logic, we should be expecting Pogba to end up with *at least* 152. Sounds fair.