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13th Oct 2016

Give Jurgen Klopp a ball and a blindfold and he’ll do the business from the penalty spot

Not a bother to him

Darragh Murphy

James Milner’s composure from the penalty spot has been damn impressive this season but could he do it with his eyes closed?

His manager certainly can.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp recently attempted to take a penalty kick while blindfolded and to say he made it look easy would be an understatement.

The German was being walked through the routine by some paralympic footballers but he didn’t waste any time in slotting the spot kick away.

After the goalkeeper clapped to let Klopp know where the centre of the goal was, should he fancy a Panenka, the stopper then tapped one of the posts to alert the eccentric Reds boss as to its whereabouts.

Klopp didn’t need to hear where the other post was because he made his mind up and rocketed the ball into the bottom right corner of the net.

Simple as that.

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