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16th Oct 2015

Gerrard reveals what Rodgers said after his Chelsea slip

Kevin Beirne

Despite a long and successful career, Steven Gerrard’s parting memory for Premier League fans remains his infamous slip against Chelsea.

With Liverpool seemingly on course for their first league title since before the Premier League began, Gerrard literally slipped up and allowed Demba Ba to score, setting off a tailspin which saw them lose the title to Manchester City.

The former Liverpool captain has finally opened up about what was said in the dressing room at halftime following the goal.

‘I had been straining the whole half to make something happen, so had Luis [Suarez]. Chelsea just kept blunting us. And then I’d slipped,’ he says in his autobiography.

Liverpool v Chelsea - Premier League

‘The dressing room was hushed. ‘Look,’ Brendan said, imploring the other players, ‘if anyone deserves to be bailed out it’s him.’ His finger pointed at me. ‘Your captain needs you to all pay him back.’

‘The amount of times he’s pulled this club out of a mess and changed impossible situations and got players out of trouble are the stuff of legend.

‘Now it’s time you repay him. You’ve got forty-five minutes to do it.’ Brendan looked at me. ‘Stevie, forget it,’ he said. ‘It happens. Let’s all go out and win this game. We can do it.’

Unfortunately for Reds fans, Gerrard and Rodgers were unable to stop the rot and both men eventually left the club. But there’s already excitement brewing around Merseyside now that former Borussia Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp has replaced Rodgers…