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27th Oct 2016

Georges St-Pierre had the most polite response ever to Michael Bisping’s latest call-out

What a gent

Darragh Murphy

Even when discussing the prospect of entering a cage to fight another man for 25 minutes, Georges St-Pierre is an absolute gentleman.

We already knew, from his famous “I am not impressed with your performance!” speech that St-Pierre isn’t the greatest trash-talker that’s ever set foot in the Octagon.

Talking smack simply isn’t in the former long-time welterweight champion’s DNA and that was made abundantly clear once more this week when he was not drawn into a war of words with Michael Bisping.

Bisping continues to bang the drum for a match-up with ‘Rush’ at UFC 206 in Toronto but St-Pierre’s ongoing dispute with the organisation has seemingly put an end to all hope of seeing that take place.

The reigning UFC middleweight champion tweeted out the below on Wednesday in an attempt to convince the Canadian to sign on the dotted line.

The fact that Bisping would earn a cut of the pay-per-view revenue is likely behind his insistence as a St-Pierre comeback would almost certainly make UFC 206 one of the best selling cards of the year.

But St-Pierre is sticking to his guns and responded to the Brit in the most polite way possible.

“Nothing would make more happy in the world than to fight you in Toronto, Michael,” St-Pierre said.

“Last week I met with Ari (Emmanuel) and I made peace with Dana (White). I tried to resolve things but, unfortunately, right now it’s not happening.

“Hopefully things will change soon.

“Thank you!”

No trash talk, no swearing, no hostility.

Just a lovely guy.

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