George Groves may have dislocated his shoulder during victory over Chris Eubank Jr 3 years ago

George Groves may have dislocated his shoulder during victory over Chris Eubank Jr

George Groves recorded a convincing victory over Chris Eubank at the Manchester Arena on Saturday night.

Groves controlled the fight throughout, taking the early rounds and keeping Eubank at bay with his impressive jab. As the fight entered the final rounds, Eubank became increasingly wild as he went in search of a knockout punch to end the bout.


Groves came through a flurry of punches in the final round to record a very convincing victory. However, the 29-year-old looks to have suffered a shoulder injury. Groves had his arm in a sling at the end of the fight, and appears to have dislocated his shoulder.

Many watching the bout noticed that Groves had hurt his shoulder in the final round.


He admitted in his post-fight interview that his shoulder was "sore" and he went to hospital following the bout.


"Terrific fight for the fans. Chris Eubank didn’t bring the pressure he said he would," Groves said.

"I dropped him at least once but it didn’t count. Very, very happy with the performance. The shoulder is sore, but I wasn’t going to let anything stop me. The jab was landing correctly all night, when he had success it was because I did something wrong. I’d already hurt him before the cut. Credit to him for getting through the rounds because I didn’t think he would."

When speaking to ITV, Eubank cast doubt on Grove's chances of advancing to the final of the World Boxing Super Series in June, if he has dislocated his shoulder.


"A cut’s a cut, you have to deal with it. If he’s dislocated his shoulder and can’t go through into the final, I don’t know whether that means I go through."