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19th Apr 2017

Gary Neville’s followers enjoyed his train complaints way too much

No sympathy

Darragh Murphy

It turns out Gary Neville’s social media followers are not all Manchester United fans who only want the best for the former right-back.

As luck would have it, supporters of Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal are also regular visitors to Neville’s Twitter page.

And boy do they enjoy it when he’s not having a great day.

Wednesday did not exactly go to plan for the 42-year-old as he missed his train from London to Manchester.

Neville vented his frustration to Virgin Trains with a fairly curt message.

Then Simon was thrown under the bus… or train, if you prefer.

He had proof of purchase and everything.

And a reference number.

Michelle tried to help.

But it all came back to Simon again, the absolute arsehole.

There are few things more frustrating than missing a train and while there were some sympathetic responses from Neville’s fans, the vast majority relished the fact that the United legend had been inconvenienced.