Gary Neville demands compulsory racism education for everyone in football 1 year ago

Gary Neville demands compulsory racism education for everyone in football

Gary Neville has called for compulsory racism education for fans, players, and staff

Before football matches, the subject of kneeling has been met with fierce support from individuals including Rio Ferdinand, James O'Brien, Gareth Southgate, and Gary Neville. The latter has been outspoken in his belief that fans, staff, and players should all be educated on the racism that has infected the footballing world.


In a panel discussion from the ThinkTank Onward, Neville was candid on his views surrounding the racist criticism of fans.


"We should deal with societal issues and tackle the major issues like racism, homophobia, LGBTQ issues, women in football," he began, touching on some of the more general issues the football industry faces.


"It's ridiculous that I'm still seeing statements from football stakeholders about 'we don't tolerate racism' whilst not doing a d*** thing about it.

"It's ridiculous. There should be greater consequences and they should implement education. Simple as that.

"That's everyone throughout the game. That's season ticket holders at football clubs.

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"It should be compulsory education programmes that can be delivered through the wealth in the game for all Premier League fans, administrators, people who work in football clubs, players."

He concluded by saying that it should be mandatory, and it has to be a subject that everyone buys into.

The Manchester United Legend has joined the frontlines against racism in the football industry. With the Euros fast approaching and many fearing it could impact the success of England, only time will tell if fans are receiving the message.


Englands first Euro match is set to be against Croatia on Sunday 13th of June.