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17th Apr 2017

Gary Neville made his opinion of Brad Guzan perfectly clear during half-time analysis

He's probably right...


Arsenal took a one goal lead into the break on Monday night.

As is very often the case these days, the man responsible for it was Alexis Sanchez, who converted a free-kick three minutes before half-time.

Although nobody was knocking the way in which Sanchez managed to get the ball up over the wall and then down beneath the crossbar, it didn’t take a genius to work out why Brad Guzan’s name was flying high in the Twitter trends lists at half-time.

Although the home side’s wall covered the side of the goal to Guzan’s right, his decision to stand so far over on the other side of the goal invited precisely the kind of free-kick of which Sanchez scored from.

As well as plenty of other people that were left criticising the American at half-time, Gary Neville’s assessment also didn’t paint Guzan in the best of lights.

“Is it the corner of the goal? No,” Neville began. “A great goalkeeper – the Courtois of this world, Lloris, De Gea – probably would have saved it, but he wouldn’t have saved it, no.”

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