Gary Neville criticised for tweet claiming Rashford would lose 'off pitch voice' without Man Utd 5 months ago

Gary Neville criticised for tweet claiming Rashford would lose 'off pitch voice' without Man Utd

Rashford has been pondering his long-term future at Manchester United

Gary Neville has faced criticism for a tweet in which he claimed that Marcus Rashford would lose his "off pitch voice" if he was to leave Manchester United.


Rashford's future at Old Trafford has been cast into doubt with the 24-year-old concerned about his lack of playing time this season and is considering moving elsewhere to reignite his career.

The United forward has gained huge traction away from the pitch in recent years for his willingness to stand up and challenge the UK government to help tackle long-standing issues such as child poverty.

However Neville believes that if United allow Rashford to leave the club it will be a sign of failure for them and if the 24-year-old moves onto pastures new, his message off the pitch will not carry as much.


He said: "Rashford

"1. A failure for United’s football department if he leaves.

"2. A very poor look for MR if he can’t get his form right to break into this team.

"3. MR/Team would be naive if they think his off-pitch voice will carry without the MU badge.


"Lose/Lose if he goes. Sort it out!"

Neville's comments weren't taken to warmly however, with one user saying: "The team he plays for had no influence on why people cared so much about his campaigns. That was social and political, it had nothing to do with MUFC."


However the former United defender backed up his original claim in his response, saying that playing for United helps to enhance Rashford's message off the pitch.

He said: "It’s just a proven fact if you play for United you will gain more traction and reach with your voice. This isn’t just for Rashford. It’s for all of us that played for the club."

Other users also expressed their disagreement on Neville's opinion. One user said: "His voice will carry. The entire country didn’t back him because he plays for Man Utd they backed him because he was doing the right thing."


Another said: "What he does off the pitch has nothing to do with what football team he plays for. And that’s coming from a Liverpool fan. The fact that you think he needs to be at Man United to help raise of awareness of child hunger is massively wayward!"

Rashford is expected to be included in the squad when United face Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday evening.

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