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Gary Lineker's assessment of Seb Larsson's red card has received quite a lot of backlash
Not sure about that, Gary

Regardless of intent to cause injury, it's undeniable that Seb Larsson's foul against Manchester United was very reckless.

These are the type of scenarios where legs get broken.

Ireland fans will remember a similar foul by Neil Taylor on Seamus Coleman that had a far worse result a few weeks ago. Fortunately for Ander Herrera, he emerged from this foul unscathed.

The 50/50 ball fell just between the Spaniard and the Swede, but Larsson's momentum forced him to commit to winning the ball.

Unable to stop himself, Larsson went off his feet. His studs were up and high as he took aim for the ball, but missed the mark.

The good news is the tackle missed everything, with Herrera just about able to get his leg out of the danger zone in the nick of time.

However, the referee didn't hesitate. He felt that the foul was deserving of a sending off, and flashed the red card to end Larsson's day early.


It was a dangerous foul, but the sending off split a lot of people.

Some thought the booking was justified, others felt it was a tad harsh to send Larsson off. Gary Lineker firmly fell into the latter camp.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of fans chimed in to disagree with the Match of the Day pundit's view of the foul.



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