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20th Jun 2024

Gary Lineker says he will apologise to Frank Lampard after brutal joke goes viral

Jacob Entwistle

Gary Lineker has said he will apologise to Frank Lampard after a brutal joke he made about his hairline went viral.

Lineker and Lampard both presented the BBC’s coverage of Germany’s win against Hungary together.

During the coverage Lineker went on to explain that screen behind the studio blocked out interruptions to the broadcast from the public, to which Lampard joked that if it was gone, people would only see the back of his head.

“They’d see my head! They wouldn’t turn up for that,” Lampard said.

In true Lineker style he jokingly responded: “No, you’re right, nobody wants to see the back of your head these days, that’s for sure.”

Lampard turned from delight to despair with his famous Lampardian transition but when quizzed about it on his Rest of Football podcast, Lineker said he owes the Chelsea legend an apology.

He said: “Obviously Frank’s slightly thinning, I’m slightly thinning, and I actually meant it about everyone. But when it came out, it came out a bit wrong. And you know Frank does that thing where he smiles, and then he suddenly doesn’t smile?

“Frank’s great fun, he won’t mind. I must admit, when I got back to the hotel I saw it on social media and thought, ‘Oh you f*****g idiot.’

“I felt really bad, I’ll have to apologise. I will apologise because it wasn’t deliberate but I get how funny it was. Those things happen on live TV.”