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31st Dec 2016

Gary Lineker reveals he is sent the same disgusting package in the post every single month

He has no idea who is sending the gross parcels

Rob Burnett

Bring a famous sporting figure has it’s perks.

You get to earn money playing sport while enjoying the adulation of millions – a life most of us can only dream of.

Then when you hang up your bat/boots/racquet/cue/clubs you often get to move into the media and report on the sport you spent years playing.

But it turns out it’s not all plain sailing when you’re in the public eye.

After cricket commentator Jonathan Agnew was handed an MBE in the New Year’s Honours, he made a plea to someone who has been “corresponding” with him for the past decade…

Then Gary Lineker piped up with an intriguing detail…

Agnew then roped in former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan…

… Before Lineker reveals he gets the packages much more frequently than Aggers – every single month, in fact.

The Match of the Day host even has a theory as to why he’s been receiving them:

So, the culprit lives in, or has access to a post box in Bath, and seems to have a particular grudge against Lineker and Agnew.

But how many other ex-sports stars are being sent the same thing by the mystery poo enthusiast?

Please, if you’re a former athlete now working as a pundit for the BBC and you have received similar parcels in the post, then throw them out.