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19th Apr 2021

Gary Lineker perfectly sums up the ESL in one tweet

Claudia McInerney

Lineker opposes the ESL, claiming that “football is nothing without its fans”

Gary Lineker has taken to Twitter in response to the announcement of the European Super League (ESL)

This comes after plans for the controversial ESL have been widely criticised by club managers and fans across the country.

Gary Lineker took to Twitter this morning to oppose the plans, claiming that they are not in the interest of clubs’ fans.

He said: “Football is nothing without its fans. We’ve seen that clearly over the last 12 months. If fans stand as one against this anti-football pyramid scheme, it can be stopped in its tracks.”

Lineker made reference to the empty stadiums up and down the country as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, which prohibited fans from supporting players in football grounds.


Gary Lineker