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02nd May 2016

Gary Lineker absolutely loses his sh*t after Leicester do the impossible

"I can't breathe"

Richard Beech

We might never see a day like this again.

Leicester are officially Premier League champions after Spurs failed to beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Leicester now have an unassailable lead at the top of the table, and have created history by winning the league after narrowly avoiding relegation last season.

And the excitement was all a bit too much for Gary Lineker, who hilariously live tweeted the game from the edge of his seat.

The Leicester legend tweeted that he “couldn’t breathe” when Hazard scored his 83rd minute equaliser.

Lineker described it as the biggest sporting shock of his lifetime.

The Leicester legend will now have to present Match of the Day in his underwear this weekend, after promising to do so if Leicester won the league this year.

Lineker’s ex, Danielle Bux, tweeted a photoshopped image of what that might look like…

Let’s hope he’s been hitting the gym.