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07th Jul 2017

MMA star Gabi Garcia destroys significantly smaller opponent with illegal soccer kick

No contest

Ben Kiely

It’s about time Gabi Garcia picked on someone her own size.

Even if Gabi Garcia didn’t end the fight with an illegal blow, it was always shaping up to end very badly.

Garcia is 31, over six feet tall and weighs well over 200 lbs. She was a 10x Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion and went into the fight with a 4-0 record in professional MMA.

Her opponent for Friday’s Shoot Boxing bout was Megumi Yabushita, a 45-year-old veteran who usually competes at flyweight or bantamweight. She held was 19-23 going into her David vs Goliath assignment.

Even from the pre-fight face-off, you could tell this wasn’t going to end well.

Unsurprisingly, Garcia’s tiny opponent found herself out of her depth very quickly.

Garcia used her sheer brute strength to overpower the Japanese fighter and eventually dropped her to the canvas with a vicious two-punch combination.

If she had landed anything else within the ruleset, victory would have been a certainty. Instead, she cracked her in the face with an illegal soccer kick, was shown a red card and the fight was called off as a No Contest.