Further details of Harry Maguire's arrest in Mykonos released 1 year ago

Further details of Harry Maguire's arrest in Mykonos released

The United captain was arrested in Greece on Thursday night

Further details have emerged regarding the arrest of Manchester United defender Harry Maguire after an alleged fight with Greek police on Thursday night.


Maguire was one of three men arrested by police late on Thursday night, after an altercation in which they are alleged to have physically assaulted police officers.



New details reveal that Maguire has now been moved from a police cell in Mykonos to the neighbouring island of Syros, where he will face a public prosecutor and is expected to be charged with aggravated assault, according to Greek newspaper Proto Thema.

A police spokesman said of the case: "When the brawl was all sorted out, one of the two groups, with the football players, started verbally abusing officers. There were several policemen there.


"At some point, one of the three members of the group - they were aged 27, 28 and 29 - threw a swing at one of the policemen and a fight ensued. All three were arrested but during the effort to do so, the other two, including the football player, got violent.

"They threw down at least two policemen, hit them with their fists and kicked them. I can't tell you what they were telling us. All English swear words against the authorities and against the work of the police. All three, including the football player, are being held in custody, locked up in Mykonos cell."

Earlier on Friday Manchester United released a statement regarding the incident, and confirmed that they had made contact with Maguire: "Contact has been made with Harry and he is fully co-operating with the Greek authorities. At this time we will be making no further comment."

According to Greek media, Maguire denies the charges against him.