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04th Feb 2017

Furious Arsenal fans claim Alonso’s Chelsea opener was a red card and no goal

They believe this was a sickening elbow to the face

Nooruddean Choudry

13 minutes.

That’s how long it took for the deadlock at Stamford Bridge to be broken between Chelsea and Arsenal – and how long it was until Arsenal fans were crying blue murder for what they saw as clear foul-play.

The home side took the lead when Pedro’s right flank cross was met by Diego Costa, only for his headed effort to smack against the crossbar. The ball looped back into the six-yard area where Hector Bellerin was waiting to head away.

But he hadn’t counted on Chelsea’s Marcos Alonso thundering in with an emphatic header into the Gunner’s net. It was a physical mismatch, but Arsenal fans were livid at what to them was an ill-gotten advantage.

According to the North London contingent, Alonso elbowed Bellerin in the face to get to the ball, and should have been sent off instead of awarded the opening goal. Alas the goal stood and Chelsea took the lead.

That didn’t stop Gooners everywhere venting their spleens about the decision…