Frank Warren reveals Tyson Fury is in talks with four opponents after Whyte deal stalls 4 months ago

Frank Warren reveals Tyson Fury is in talks with four opponents after Whyte deal stalls

The WBC previously order Fury to a mandatory fight against Dillian Whyte

Tyson Fury's UK fight promoter Frank Warren has claimed that he will not be fighting Dillian Whyte next and that the 'Gypsy King' is currently in talks with four other fighter to arrange a possible bout in March.


The WBC recently ordered Fury to a mandatory fight after any hopes of facing Oleksandr Usyk were dealt a blow after Anthony Joshua activated a release clause, which will see the pair go up against each other again sometime in 2022.

But as reported by the Metro, talks between the two camps have stalled and Fury is now looking at other options for his return to the ring, with March being targeted as a potential date by Warren.

"I’m pretty confident one of those shows [in March] will feature him," he said.


"He won’t be defending his WBC title, there is a problem there, not of his making or our making.

‘The WBC and Dillian Whyte are in arbitration and that hearing is not set to be heard until March. We can’t negotiate.

"It’s all very well Eddie Hearn saying this nonsense about negotiating, how can you negotiate when the WBC haven’t said what the splits are?"

The UK promoter went on to add that the dispute surrounds the issue of how the money made from the fight will be split, with Warren claiming that Whyte's camp want more than they are entitled to.


"In his mind he thinks he’s getting 45 per cent, in our mind, it’s 20 per cent based on the previous purses that were lodged under WBC regulations," Warren explained.

"They won’t determine what the percentages are until after the arbitration. And that doesn’t mean the fight will take place in April, we have to negotiate, book a venue. And that could go until June. So Tyson will fight, but not for the WBC title.


"He can’t be inactive because of the problems caused by this arbitration between the WBC and Whyte."

The 69-year-old confirmed that Fury has been in talks with potential opponents but refused to name who could be facing the 'Gypsy King.'

He said: "We have got to sort out an opponent first before we can move further forward.

"I‘m not going to go into that because we have got to get things done first. But we are working quite hard on it and there are about four in the frame and we will make a decision on that, subject to their availability too."

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