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09th Jul 2024

Roy Keane loses it with Gary Neville for schoolboy error in pundits’ match


“Nev! F****** get tighter!”

Roy Keane was furious with Gary Neville for a schoolboy error during a pundits match between ITV and BBC at Euro 2024.

With no match on Monday, the broadcasters organised a five-a-side tournament featuring pundits and broadcasters, such as Keane, Neville, Micah Richards, Rio Ferdinand, and Mark Pougatch.

ITV’s confidence took a hit when Neville was embarrassed on the pitch, leading to a goal for the opposing team.

The incident saw the former full-back left sprawling after a defensive mishap. Keane, notorious for his fiery demeanour, was livid on the sidelines, shouting,

“Nev! F****** get tighter! Jesus, you show him the line, you have got to stop the shot!”

Keane’s frustration was palpable, nearly popping a vein as he couldn’t believe Neville’s failure to block the shot.

This outburst likely brought back memories for the ITV pundit, who had faced the former Man United captain’s wrath during their playing days at Old Trafford.

While sometimes harsh, Keane’s harsh leadership style was integral to the relentless winning mentality of Alex Ferguson’s United squad.

Despite his tough exterior, the Irishman was fiercely protective of his teammates, famously defending Neville during a tunnel altercation with Arsenal’s Patrick Vieira.

Though their playing days are over, Neville and Keane remain friends, frequently appearing on the popular podcast “Stick to Football.”

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