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31st Oct 2023

Referee’s novel use for foam spray in VAR that fans hope ‘catches on’

Callum Boyle

Referee vanishing spray


A Spanish referee has sent the internet into a frenzy after using his vanishing spray in an inventive way.

As we all know, the magic spray is used as a temporary marker during free kicks to remind the defenders of where they have to stand and the attacker from where to take the set piece.

However on this ocassion, Saúl Ais Reig opted for a different method.

While awaiting a VAR decision in a LaLiga Two game, Ais Reig sprayed a barrier in-between himself and the Mirandes and FC Cartagena players, telling them not to encroach it until VAR had made it’s mind up.

Having never been seen before, fans were taken aback by what they saw and encouraged for it to become a regular thing.

“Give the players a clear line that they’ll get punished for stepping over, and they won’t. This might catch on,” said one fan.

“Honestly I love this,” wrote a second.

A third added: “Could see this catching on…the players reaction to him going for the spray is funny.”

VAR decisions aren’t the only thing that have changed in football. In recent times, we’ve seen officials use white cards and green cards while during the Sidemen Charity Match, YouTuber Max Fosh Uno Reversed a red card he received at the London Stadium.

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