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05th Apr 2018

Manchester City staff film dramatic video of bus attack from INSIDE the rocking vehicle

This footage is amazing

Jamie Miley

Dramatic images.

Footage has been released online of the Man City team bus being attacked by Liverpool fans

The ambush occurred before their 3-0 defeat to the Reds in the first leg of the Champions League quarter final when Man City’s bus was pelted with fireworks and bottles before they made their way into Anfield.

It had an effect on the Premier League Champions-elect as the team performance wasn’t up to par with their unbelievable form in England’s main division.

Man city boss Pep Guradiola spoke after the defeat and was surprised by the incident as it’s something he’s not use to seeing in football.

“One year ago, something happened in Dortmund. We come here to play football and I don’t understand this kind of situation.

“The bus is destroyed. I didn’t expect that a club as prestigious as Liverpool would do these kinds of things. Of course, it is not Liverpool, it is the people- it was not only one, only two, only three. Hopefully this doesn’t happen again

Liverpool and manager Jurgen Klopp apologized to Man City before the encounter but the attack had no effect on City playmaker Kevin De Bruyne who had a different outlook on the incident

“It was ok. I don’t mind supporters doing that. I’ve had it before for my team. I think it’s a nice feeling.

“Breaking windows is probably not done. But who am I to say something? I’m ok with it, as long as nobody’s hurt I’m fine. No [it didn’t affect the players], it doesn’t change anything. As long as you keep the violence down there’s nothing wrong with it.

Man City would need to put the attack behind him when they host the Reds for the second leg of the Champions League next Tuesday.

Credit FourFourTwo for quotes used.