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30th Jun 2018

Goalkeepers Union split on Jordan Pickford decision

Conan Doherty

How can you criticise someone for not being 6’4″?

So went a tweet from former Aberdeen goalkeeper David Preece along with a promise to block anyone who disagreed with him.

The argument? What hand Jordan Pickford should’ve used in attempting to save Adnan Januzaj’s piece of beauty against England.

Belgium won 1-0 in the final Group G game of the tournament and, in doing so, secured a route that could condemn them to a showdown with Brazil in the quarter-final. England, meanwhile, would only have to worry about Switzerland or Sweden – if they can get over Colombia of course.

But why would they not allow themselves to get carried away.

Anyway, the losing of the game – however advantageous you might make it – has caused a divide in the football world, particularly within the once unbreakable fraternity that is the Goalkeepers Union.

Jordan Pickford was beaten by Januzaj who curled into the far top corner but the debate rumbled about whether he should’ve went with his left hand or his right hand.

Pickford chose to go with his top hand, the left.

But, after the game on ITV, Gary Neville ripped him a new one.

Neville likes to get technical about the movements of goalkeepers and he reckons that Pickford’s positioning wasn’t good but, most importantly, his choice of hand wasn’t good.

Lee Dixon backed him up because he had a friend who he text.

Plenty agree with them to be fair.

But Neville Southall and David Preece were having none of it.

Doesn’t matter anyway, they’re going to the semi-final and that’s that.