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31st Jan 2018

Arsenal mess up and accidentally confirm Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang signing

James Dawson

Somebody’s going to get fired for this.

So it’s transfer deadline day and Arsenal, being Arsenal, have kicked things off in the most Arsenal way they possibly could.

They appear to have accidentally confirmed the signing of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, after mistakenly posting a video clip of Arsene Wenger talking about the player.

It is believed that the Gunners have agreed a club-record fee worth around £55 million with Borussia Dortmund – with the slip up as good as confirming it’s a done deal.

Arsenal uploaded the video to their website in the early hours of the morning, in it Wenger confirmed that a deal for Aubameyang had been finalised.

In the clip, an interviewer asked: “So, Aubameyang is an Arsenal player, you must be delighted to get the deal done?”

To which Wenger responded: “Yes, good news, we need people who can give us more offensive power, we are not efficient enough going forward and I believe he can bring that.”

It has since been deleted, pointing to the fact they hadn’t yet intended to make the announcement. Still fans will be happy they’ve brought the player in.