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10th Aug 2017

WATCH: Estonian team score 15 seconds into the game without even touching the ball

This is the best/worst 15 seconds of football you'll ever see

Darragh Berry

There’s something a bit fishy about this…

Levadia beat Paide 3-1 in the Estonian Cup on Tuesday night and their first goal was a hard one to get.

So hard, in fact, that they didn’t even get the ball.

The winning team could only watch on as Paide started knocking the ball around in their own half from the start.

From the kick-off, they played the ball to the left side of the pitch to the right side of the pitch to the keeper and it was all a bit – how to put it kindly – unnecessary.


The centre back plays the ball to the goalkeeper who fires it across to the left back only to unexpectedly get it back off him; he can only watch the ball trickle across his path and into the net.

It’s definitely up there with Villa’s Enckleman versus Birmingham City throw-in mishap and Paul Robinson’s Croatia blunder for England…