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16th Mar 2018

Football fans are crying ‘conspiracy’ after the Champions League quarter-final draw


Simon Lloyd

Had to happen, didn’t it?

Liverpool and Manchester City, the two remaining English clubs in this season’s Champions League, will face each other in the quarter-finals.

The two clubs were the last to be drawn out of the pot during Friday night’s draw in Nyon.

Now, as we all know, football fans bloody love a good conspiracy theory – especially when it comes to Uefa draws. So, with this in mind, it was hardly a surprise to learn that many reacted to the news that Liverpool and City would be facing each other in the last eight by claiming it was some kind of fix.

Quite how people think this ‘fix’ was achieved is another matter, but many appeared convinced that this was some form of ploy to lessen the chances of an English club winning the competition… even if it does guarantee that the Premier League will be guaranteed a representative in the last four.

Elsewhere in the draw, the three remaining Spanish sides – Real Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla were all kept apart. This was also the case for Juventus and AS Roma, the two remaining Italian clubs.