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15th Sep 2018

Floyd Mayweather claims he is coming out of retirement for one last payday

It's Mayweather's annual un-retirement

Darragh Murphy

Floyd Mayweather doesn’t know when to say when.

Mayweather apparently loves a giant payday too much to stay away from boxing and the undefeated legend has seemingly revealed plans for an unexpected rematch against one of his fiercest rivals.

‘Money’ took to Instagram to claim that he is coming out of retirement to offer Manny Pacquiao another chance to provide what would be the only blemish on Mayweather’s record.

The 41-year-old confronted Pacquiao at an event this weekend and wrote: “I’m coming back to fight Manny Pacquiao this year. Another 9-figure pay day on the way.”

Mayweather earned the 48th victory of his career when he claimed a unanimous decision over his Filipino rival in 2015 after one of the most drawn-out negotiating processes in boxing history.

Mayweather defended his welterweight titles one last time, against Andre Berto, before he announced that he was hanging up his gloves.

The allure of what turned out to be an easy outing against UFC star Conor McGregor last summer was too tempting a windfall for Mayweather to turn down but he insisted he was done with fighting after he stopped ‘The Notorious’ in Las Vegas 12 months ago.

But if there’s money to be made, Mayweather can be persuaded and while we would take his Instagram announcement with a few grains of salt, he appears to be determined to run it back with Pacquiao before the year is out.