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22nd Jun 2017

Open workout confirmed what we already knew about Floyd Mayweather’s physique


Ben Kiely

Unsurprisingly, Floyd Mayweather is in outrageous shape.

If you thought Floyd Mayweather was going to show up for Conor McGregor looking old, slow and unfit, prepare to be disappointed.

You may be thinking to yourself, ‘who in their right mind would ever think that?’ We’ll respond by asking you to think about the type of fight this is.

There will be people tuning in who have never seen Floyd Mayweather box before. They might assume McGregor’s left hand will put him away faster than Jose Aldo.

The hardcore boxing crowd may watch on assuming McGregor doesn’t genuinely believe he’s going to achieve the improbable and knock Mayweather out.

Then there will be the blow-ins, the people watching who don’t enjoy sport. They might look at Mayweather’s age and the fact that he’s coming out of retirement thinking his conditioning will be an issue.

It won’t.

He’s going to show up looking pretty much like this.

More shredded than a julienne salad, man.

That’s what ‘Money’ looked like at his first open workout after the McGregor fight was announced.

Mayweather and his mighty entourage headed down to TenGoose Boxing Gym in California to do some exercises for the media. He lifted some weights, ripped a heavy bag, shadow boxed using weights, did some sit-ups and some push-ups.

If any of that sounds like an entertaining watch to you, you can check out the highlights of the training session in the video embedded below courtesy of Fight Hype.