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15th Jul 2017

Floyd Mayweather reveals what he truly appreciates about Conor McGregor

The truth finally comes out

Patrick McCarry

It is all said and done now.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. will not see Conor McGregor again until fight week, in late August, but he left the SSE Arena in London with a deeper appreciation of what ‘The Notorious’ can do.

Mayweather and McGregor faced off in Wembley for the final leg of their promotional world tour and a trend of mud-slinging and yaks continued.

Each man landed a couple of decent verbal blows but McGregor took the honours, even if he did cross the line by rubbing Mayweather’s head.

Once both men had been parted, there were just a few more medias duties to attend to before they could get back to training, sparring and preparing… and sleeping.

Mayweather spoke with reporters in a media scrum, backstage, before he left the building. Asked about McGregor’s contribution to what could be an event to smash all pay-per-view records, ‘Money’ responded with one of his most sincere comments of the week. The brash, trash-talking mask slipped.

He said:

“I never needed Conor McGregor when I made $800 million. So I’m going okay.

“But he’s been a good dance partner, and I need him for August 26.”

The best dance partner Mayweather has ever had. Oscar De La Hoya was good. Marcas Maidana brought the fight. ‘Canelo’ Alvarez had promise. Manny Pacquaio was too quiet and respectful.

It is clear to see that Mayweather has loved watching McGregor up close; seeing how he works a crowd and feeds the flames.

“Millions and millions of people are tuning in every day,” Mayweather declared. “And this is on pace to break the record so… this is what everyone wants to see.”

To Mayweather’s mind, this one is all about the money and the PPV buys. McGregor told him, in London, that he would make him fight the rematch in an MMA fight once he “sparked” him in the boxing ring.

It remains to be seen whether the Dubliner can upset the odds but, if he does or doesn’t, the rematch already feels inevitable.

Their first dance may not be their last.