Five-time 'World's strongest man' brutally KOs 23-stone opponent in 18 seconds flat 8 months ago

Five-time 'World's strongest man' brutally KOs 23-stone opponent in 18 seconds flat

In this super heavyweight battle, the pair met in the Polish city of Lodz at the Atlas Arena

Five-time world's strongest man winner Mariusz Pudzianowski, 44, savagely KO-ed an unbeaten Serigne Ousmane Dia, 45, in just 18 seconds on Sunday night (October 24).


The duo had a combined weight of 42-stone and met for the super heavyweight battle in the Polish city of Lodz, at the Atlas Arena.


Despite Ousmane Dia, who also answers to the intimidating nickname 'Bombardier', being an undefeated champion, he was knocked on his ass by veteran fighter Pudzianowski.

The latter opened with leg kicks to slow his opponent down before finishing him off in just 18 seconds with a right hook that ended the historic fight.

The clash had been highly anticipated for some time but was the only one of the numerous events taking place at the
KSW 64 that gained traction on social media. The showcase also featured an intense light heavyweight UFC fight between Marvin Vettori and Paolo Costa and one of Fedor Emelianenko's final fights in Bellator.

The face-off between Pudzianowski and Ousmane Dia was initially meant to happen back in March at KSW 59 but Ousmane Dia was unfortunately hospitalised with appendicitis thirty minutes before the fight.


Despite this, the fight still went on with Pudzianowsk facing Nikola Milanovic, who he also beat within the first two minutes.

Aside from his prevalence in the scene, Pudzianowsk had only started his MMA journey at the age of 32 after his strongman career.

Pudzianowsk won the world's strongest man in 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2008 while also winning silver in both the 2006 and 2009 competitions.

The career jump came after KSW offered him a contract in 2009, where he then won his first three fights.


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