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04th Mar 2017

Fight fans are quick to jump on Gary Neville’s UFC comment about head stamping

They're not happy

Ben Kiely

‘We’ve just seen a bout of UFC.’

That’s how Gary Neville described the back-to-back deplorable fouls during the early Premier League kick-off on Saturday between Manchester United and Bournemouth.

It all kicked off with Tyron Mings’ disgusting stamp on Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s head while the striker was lying prone on the floor. Zlatan then retaliated with an elbow to the face as the two were contesting for a high ball. Neither man was sent off for the respective fouls.

While the football community was fuming over what they had seen, fight fans were left bemused over what they had heard from former Manchester United defender Neville in the commentary box.

While elbows are allowed under the unified rules of MMA, stamps to the head are 100% illegal. Back in the PRIDE days soccer kicks to downed opponents were legitimate strikes in MMA, and they are still allowed in some promotions such as ONE FC.

However, you can’t get away with that in the UFC anymore, as a lot of people were quick to tell Neville.