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04th Apr 2017

Fight fans are calling for a mixed martial arts bout between Shane McMahon and CM Punk

Not a bad spinning back elbow from Shane O'Mac

Darragh Murphy

Shane McMahon has got some skills.

There were a few stand-out moments from Sunday night’s Wrestlemania 33.

You had the return of the Hardy Boys, the Undertaker’s retirement and Stephanie McMahon crashing through a table.

But what also had the Twittersphere buzzing was the crisp technique shown by Shane O’Mac in his 20-minute classic with AJ Styles.

Styles came out on top but that McMahon’s performance was all anybody could talk about as he showed off almost unfathomable athleticism for a 47-year-old.

Also on display were some legitimate MMA manoeuvres from McMahon.

You may not know this but McMahon has been studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for almost a decade under esteemed instructor Renzo Gracie and regularly works his striking with well-respected Muay Thai coach Phil Nurse.

So he knows what he’s doing if he ever finds himself in a legitimate fight.

He pulled off this spinning back elbow that was made famous by UFC light heavyweight great Jon Jones.

He sunk in a pretty tight triangle choke akin to Anderson Silva’s famous submission victory over Chael Sonnen in their first meeting.

The skills on show prompted many watching to call for the potential meeting of McMahon and “UFC fighter” CM Punk.

Punk, the former WWE superstar whose MMA debut didn’t exactly go great, is seeking a chance at redemption in the Octagon but given the comprehensive nature of his defeat to Mickey Gall last year, there are not many suitable opponents for him.

Punk, real name Phil Brooks, was always expected to come unstuck against Gall in spite of his training under Duke Roufus.

And after seeing McMahon’s full arsenal on show at Wrestlemania, fans knew what fight they wanted to see booked.

Fans weren’t only eager to see the fight, but plenty actually suggested that McMahon would have the beating of the 0-1 fighter.