FIFA and EA Sports' exclusive deal looks to be over 8 months ago

FIFA and EA Sports' exclusive deal looks to be over

This could signal the end of the partnership

It appears as though the exclusive arrangement between FIFA and EA Sports may well be over, or will be soon.


Earlier this week, it was reported that FIFA were reportedly wanting to charge EA Sports $1 billion every four years to use their name, with EA therefore believed to be considering renaming the franchise as the publisher's 10-year licensing deal begins to draw to an end.

FIFA has since announced that it has conducted a "comprehensive and strategic assessment" of the gaming situation and decided that there is potential to conduct business dealings with other companies.

During their report, it looks like the quote, "The future of gaming and esports for football stakeholders must involve more than one party controlling and exploiting all rights" is a dig towards EA Sports.


It added: "FIFA is bullish and excited about the future in gaming and esports for football, and it is clear that this needs to be a space that is occupied by more than one party controlling all rights."

The international governing body also claimed that multiple technology and mobile companies are "actively competing" to work with them.


"Consequently, FIFA is engaging with various industry players, including developers, investors and analysts, to build out a long-term view of the gaming, eSports and interactive entertainment sector," FIFA said.

"The outcome will ensure that FIFA has a range of suitable parties with specialist capabilities to actively shape the best possible experiences and offerings for fans and consumers."

The current license is due to expire after next year's World Cup in Qatar, and reports are suggesting that FIFA is apparently increasing the price.

Therefore, should the pair be unable to agree on updates terms, a rebranding of the FIFA game could potentially be expected.


As FIFA holds the rights to the World Cup, it could also be presumed that EA's game would not feature, or mention, the tournament.

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