It looks like Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are out of FIFA21 3 months ago

It looks like Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are out of FIFA21

Currently the duo are not available in the game

FIFA 21 releases officially on Friday and at the time of writing, popular commentary team Martin Tyler and Alan Smith do not feature as an option in the game.

The duo, who have been the primary commentary team in EA Sports' series since 2015, appear to be absent from early versions of the game, and are replaced by Derek Rae and Lee Dixon.

Rae and Dixon were introduced to the game for FIFA 19 as commentators for the Champions League and Europa League matches, but now appear to be the primary team in the game.

Fans who gained early access to the title noticed that Tyler and Smith were absent, and it turns out they're not particularly happy about the change, with some even calling for EA Sports to change back to the original commentary team.

With the game launching fully tomorrow, there remains time for the original commentary team to feature in the game but at present, the two voices people best associate with the FIFA series will not feature in the newest entry to the series.

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