Fifa 17 matches to be broadcast on live television 5 years ago

Fifa 17 matches to be broadcast on live television

Because snapping up the rights to broadcast real life football matches simply isn't enough, BT Sport have now announced that they will be showing live Fifa 17 matches.

For the very first time, viewers will be able to watch live virtual football matches between the best Fifa 17 players in the world with BT announcing that they will be showing the remaining four EA Fifa Majors in this year's Ultimate Team Championship Series.


"This is yet another example of live innovation from BT Sport," says Simon Green, head of BT Sport.

“Competitive interactive football gaming is a rapidly growing industry and I’m delighted that BT Sport is now able to showcase it for the first time ever in the UK.”

The North American regional final in Vancouver will be the first of the four Fifa Majors to be screened on BT, taking place on April 8. After that, the Asia-Pacific regional final from Singapore will be shown on April 22 with the European regional final being shown from Madrid on May 6. Finally, the Fifa 17 Ultimate Team Championship Final will be screened live from Berlin on May 20 and 21.


The winner of this year’s series - in which players compete on both XBox and Playstation versions of the game - will pick up nearly £130,000. The runner-up also receives a not-to-be-sniffed-at £65,000, too.

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