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01st Nov 2021

Female MMA fighter badly beaten by man in inter-gender fight which left fans horrified

Kieran Galpin


Social media is enraged by the fight

Fans were left horrified after watching an inter-gender MMA fight that saw the male fighter repeatedly land savage strikes to his female opponent’s head.

The fight was held in Poland by promotion MMA-VIP at the weekend. It saw fitness instructor and arm wrestler Ula Siekacz take on beauty brand ambassador Piotrek Muaboy.

The fight has received considerable criticism on social media and the video has since gone viral.

Said video sees Muaboy land two consecutive punches before Siekacz attempts to take him down. However, after Siekacz is unable to secure her opponent on the floor, Muaboy is able to mount her instead. Here, he finished her off and secured the win in round two with numerous blows to the head.

Fans have taken to social media to question the morals behind the fight and why it was even allowed to go ahead.

One angry fan said: “How is this sanctioned? This is horrific.”

A second person echoed the first’s statements, writing: “Why did they allow this fight in the first place?”

Another added: “F*** everyone who took part in this. And f*** you for posting [highlights of] it.”

Another Twitter user didn’t even comment on the morals, instead focusing on their fighting form.

“What the fuck is this, Poundland UFC? Absolutely awful technique from the pair of them,” he ranted.

Most of the Twitter discourse focused around Muaboy and why he would even agree to take part.

Kenny wrote: “Bruh , as a dude why would you even agree to this? This is sick smfh..Here is man fighting a woman in exhibition match for entertainment..”

But not all the comments were negative. In fact, some supported the fight.

“Think she did a pretty good job, of course you’ll take a beating in MMA but she agreed to a fight she may have won. Besides I’ve already seen intergender fights that women have won,” wrote someone else.