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21st Jun 2024

Fans say English referees are the only officials at Euro 2024 struggling with VAR

Zoe Hodges

Xavi Simons

‘English referees are the problem not VAR’

Fans are saying that English referees are the only officials struggling with VAR after they controversially chalked off Xavi Simons’ goal against France after a lengthy review.

They ruled out the goal after Denzel Dumfries who was in an offside position was deemed to be interfering with play, as he stood to the side of the goalkeeper.

The Video Assistant Referee, Stuart Attwell and his team, who are used to officiating in the Premier League were involved in the lengthiest VAR decision of the tournament so far.

Fans disagreed with the decision and were embarrassed by the length of time it took for them to confirm the goal was to be chalked off.

On X, one fan fumed: “English referees are the problem not VAR. They’ve ruined another game.”

Another said: “Well they did find a breakthrough didn’t they. Unfortunately English refs and VAR are both utter, utter toilet.”

On slammed the decision as ‘diabolical’ adding: “100% goal. You have rules, VAR ignores rules and makes it up as it goes along.” Whilst on was dismayed by the controversy: “Hard to believe there was a long c****y VAR controversy and the man in charge of VAR was from England.”

However, a number of fans jumped to the officials defence: “That’s a good VAR decision, I don’t get the controversy.”

Another agreed: “He was close enough to distract the keeper. Right call IMHO.”

The presenters in the studio were not impressed though. Former England international, Wayne Rooney said: “There’s no way that should be disallowed, I think it was a goal and it was frustrating with how long it took.”

The game ended 0-0 meaning that Poland are the first team to be eliminated from the competition and both France and Netherlands look certain to qualify.


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