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01st Jan 2017

Fans reckon Danny Rose isn’t supposed to be drinking as he shows up at the darts

Celebrating three points in style

Darragh Murphy

Let’s hope Mauricio Pochettino gave the go ahead for Danny Rose to have a few drinks on Sunday night because, if not, the full back will have been well and truly rumbled.

Just hours after Spurs recorded a 4-1 victory at Watford, Rose appeared at Alexandra Palace – pint in hand.

The left back chuckled as he was caught on camera about to have a cheeky sip in the first semi-final between Gary Anderson and Peter Wright on New Year’s Day.

The rim of the plastic cup didn’t reach his lips, though, as he glanced up and caught a glimpse of himself on the big screens and struggled to hide a look of guilt.

Given the furore that followed Wayne Rooney’s appearance at a wedding earlier this year, when the England captain was pictured in the wee hours seemingly worse for wear, we can’t say we blame Rose for trying to stay out of the headlines.

But his attempt to quickly take his pint out of shot did not go unnoticed by this bunch who, to be fair, loved the sight of him.