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21st Jan 2017

Fans react as former Blue Will Ferrell shows up at Anfield

Liverpool for life


Will Ferrell is at Anfield for Liverpool’s Premier League clash with Swansea.

Yep, that Will Ferrell.

The same Will Ferrell who last season declared himself a Leicester fan and made a far-fetched pitch to play Jamie Vardy in his biopic.

Needless to say, fans were confused as to what the Anchorman star was doing at Anfield.

Everton fans were sorry they had to now hate their favourite actor and make ludicrous claims about Sylvester Stallone being superior.

Most Liverpool fans seemed pretty happy to claim the notorious ‘glory’ hunter.

Others were, correctly, disgusted at the behaviour of two members of the American’s entourage.

For long periods of that first half it must have felt like he was back crashing funerals.

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