Fans caught up in 'chaos' outside Stade de France before Champions League final 2 months ago

Fans caught up in 'chaos' outside Stade de France before Champions League final

Worrying scenes outside the stadium

Supporters making their way to the stadium for the Champions League final have been caught up in "chaos" and a "big bottleneck", according to reports.


Liverpool are facing off against Real Madrid at the Stade de France tonight, with kick off scheduled for 8pm.

However, ahead of kick-off, there were reports of a 'bottlekneck' outside the ground, with thousands of Liverpool supporters attempting to make their way into the stadium.

Shortly before 6.30pm, Telegraph journalist Sam Wallace posted on Twitter to say: "Chaos at the Stade de France on a big bottleneck on the ramp by gate U. Security guards overwhelmed and lots of fans shoved together. Very unpleasant experience".



The Liverpool end of the Stade de France was sparsely populated with around 45 minutes until kick-off, with pictures emerging on social media of fans queuing to gain entry.



As reported by Rob Draper, it was 'chaos' outside the stadium, with police 'funnelling fans into dangerously narrow routes'. He added that there was a 'dangerous crush building up behind'.


He also claimed that it was probably an 'overreaction to Euro 2020 final chaos and fans stampeding gates', but criticised the authorities for how they dealt with the situation.


Sky Sports' Kelly Cates wrote on Twitter: "Absolutely shambolic at the Stade de France. No way in, no way of knowing which way to go. Stay safe if you’re heading in. It has the potential to be very dangerous."




Not long before kick-off, Andy Kelly added: "Absolutely dreadful organisation at Stade de France. Here two and a half hours early, 1000s still outside. Police herded fans into dangerous bottleneck in underpass. Now gates shut with fans with tickets all stuck outside. Disgrace @uefa"