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19th Dec 2016

Fair play if you can make out every word of Jamie Carragher’s pre-Merseyside derby phonecall

OK, what?


Top marks for anyone who can confidently transcribe what the hell Jamie Carragher is saying here.

We know turnstiles are mentioned. “Little bastards,” is presumably referring to Everton. But we were very much forced to piece together the buzzwords of the Liverpool legend’s pre-match thoughts ahead of the Merseyside derby on Monday evening.

In the Sky Sports studio, Carragher spoke excitedly on the phone ahead of kick-off and the whole conversation was captured by his perennial banter rival Gary Neville.

For all Scousers, the Merseyside derby is one of the games they rush to circle in the calendar once the season’s fixture list is revealed.

“Derby games for Everton are bigger,” Carragher recently told Sky Sports’ Fantasy Football Club.

“They are still huge for Liverpool but it’s such a big thing to beat Liverpool – I remember that as an Everton fan as a kid. For Liverpool the derby game at Goodison always felt bigger, perhaps it made it more of a leveller.

Liverpool v Everton - Premier League

“Liverpool spend more money and are a bigger club than Everton so they should have a better team – it doesn’t always work out that way and doesn’t mean you’re going to win – but you always fancy Liverpool strongly at Anfield to beat Everton.

“Goodison makes it more of a leveller. The crowd is fantastic – really close to the pitch – and while Liverpool fans get criticised for hounding referees for penalties, I can tell you they go for the referee at Goodison!”

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